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Now Open!

After 20 years, Blue Lotus Spa is excited to announce the addition of its State of the Art hot yoga studio and Wellness Center, Sanctuary Wellness Studio!

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Where You Belong

We are an Ayurvedic Yoga Studio.  With us, you will deepen your yoga practice by connecting thru Ayurveda, cultivating your own wellness journey.   We believe in this holistic way of life and find benefits in its guidance and cherish the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. 


We offer acceptance and a safe environment to every person who walks through our door.  You will feel comfortable to grow and deepen your practice,  while patiently being guided by knowledgeable, skillful and trusting instructors. 


We encourage students of every level of experience to join in the warmth and security we provide to expand the sacred practice of yoga and wellness while ultimately achieving health and happiness.  

Welcome to your Sanctuary

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Just as we have been awarded the Best Of Fall River Award for the past 11 years at our Ayurvedic Spa, we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge of the science of  Ayurveda through our yoga classes and workshops at Sanctuary Wellness. 


Owner, Christine Mello has been a constant student of Ayurveda and to this healing lifestyle and practice for over 20 years, as well as former Director of an accredited Ayurvedic Massage School.  Having a strong background and degree in science and education affords her the ability to deliver information to her students in a way that is easily absorbed and understood.  

She and her team of yoga instructors and practitioners have created a space for those who want to expand their knowledge of how to bring more balance into their lives, whether it be through our carefully curated and customized yoga classes or our educational whole health and wellness, Ayurvedically-based workshops.


We’re encouraged and grateful for every opportunity to help guide you through your wellness journey and appreciate your patronage.

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